Our Family, Our Land, Our Heart

Alexander Valley • Sonoma County

Nearly 150 years ago, our ancestors arrived in the Alexander Valley with a vision of producing fine wines from the rich soils and ideal growing climate. Shadrach Osborn was the proprietor of the valley’s first winery, Lone Pine Cellars, and Broder Frellson, was the manager and winemaker for the second, simply called Red Winery.

As generations passed, our family stepped away from winemaking to focus their efforts toward cultivation of the land. Grandparents Fred and Ruby Wasson explored a variety of agricultural pursuits from prunes, watermelons, and tomatoes for the war effort, to dairy cattle and alfalfa, and back to prunes again until finally converting their farmland fully to grapes in 1972.

For five decades we’ve produced premium grapes that have contributed to a multitude of award-winning and notable wines. Now, well over a century after our ancestors first arrived in the Alexander Valley, we’ve come full circle with our return to winemaking. With every grape and bottle we produce, we honor the heritage and hard work of our family.